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‘Barbie’ actor Simu Liu wants to work in Bollywood.

Simu Liu in bollywood

Simu Liu’s interest in Bollywood is a sign of the growing popularity of Indian cinema around the world. Bollywood films are known for their lavish sets, energetic dance numbers, and heartwarming stories. They have a wide appeal, and are enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

It is possible that Liu could make his Bollywood debut in the near future. He has a lot of talent and charisma, and he would be a welcome addition to the Bollywood film industry.

  • Simu Liu is a Canadian actor who is best known for playing Shang-Chi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • He has expressed his interest in working in Bollywood, and has said that he is a fan of Indian cinema.
  • He has also said that he is open to learning Hindi and dancing, which are essential skills for Bollywood actors.
  • It is a great opportunity for Liu to showcase his talents to a new audience.
  • It would also be a chance for him to learn more about Indian culture and cinema.
  • Liu’s involvement in Bollywood could help to further popularize Indian cinema around the world.

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